Dubai Food Styling and Photography
the nosh collective.

The Collective.

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{Noun} :Food, Snack, Light Meal.

{Verb} :Eat, Consume.

“I could only work in the morning with the glistening idea of a midmorning coffee and nosh“

All things Nosh related…Food for thought and thought for food. An Inquisitive passion for gastronomy, searching for the root that molds the food culture in a region. Understanding the elements that influence not just what we eat, but how we eat and with whom do we eat. Produce, well-being, culture, landscape, religion, social conciousness and environmental responsibility all collectively influence what you choose to nosh on.

Over a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry after completing an Advanced diploma in Culinary Arts, searching for authenticity and creating work that conveys the methodology effortlessly and with a feel of real.